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Features and Benefits

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Convenient to Operate & Fast Clean

Put the washed vegetables into the feeding chute, then you can cut out the shape you want – it is very easy to operate and more effortless

Safer Than Others

No need to touch the blade while cutting which protects your hands from accidental damage. Compared to others, our kitchen chopping artefact is a lot safer. It helps to save your much time while cooking, and makes your cooking time more enjoyable

Multipurpose 5 in 1 Food Cutter

Equipped with 5 sizes blades for different thickness slices 1.5mm, 2.5mm, 3.5mm or Julienne 3mm, 6mm. You could use it for salad, cucumber, onion, potato, carrot, lemon, French fry, meat and so on. To protect the blade, please make sure that the meat should be frozen and without bones before slicing

Easy to Clean & Store

A cleaning brush makes it easier to wash with flowing water. Be careful when cleaning the blade. With container, convenient for you to store and clean vegetables, fruit and meat. Collapsible design, the veggie chopper is easy to store and will not take too much space. You could hang it in your kitchen.

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