Mobile Game Controller


Now You Can Take Your Mobile Gaming Experience To The Next Level With Mobile Game Controller!

The innovative 3-in1- design of this smartphone Mobile Game Controller includes a game handle, shooting buttons and joystick to enhance your gaming experience and easily attaches to your Android or iOS device in no time.

It has a Perfect four-finger control. In the game, two triggers at the top of the handle are responsible for aiming and shooting. You can quickly open the aiming magnifier and then shoot at the enemy while moving and aiming. These four actions can be completed in an instant. You only need to practice a few times to adapt to this mobile game handle, you will find the shooting game become so easy, you can also become a master of the game.
Feel the feeling of a real game thanks to the built-in joystick! Let you feel more comfortable and not tired while playing!

Mobile Game Controller

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Convenient Gaming

Now you can play your favorite games or compete in a battle challenge for hours without hurting your hands. This gamepad for phones has a game handle, buttons for shooting and a joystick that offers unmatched mobility and ease. With better controls, you are definitely winning every gaming session

Lightweight and Flexible

Whether you are out with friends, camping or going on a trip, play your favorite games anytime, anywhere. Mobile Game Controller is extremely lightweight and comes with folding brackets for your ultimate comfort while gaming.


The controller is compatible with almost every FPS and TPS games. This video game controller perfectly fits all Android phones and iPhones with screen size 4.5-6.5 inches

Adjustable stand

The phone trigger has a multi-angle adjustable stand that can be used as a phone stand for watching movies or videos. This mobile controller is perfect for 4.7-6.5 inch smartphone game controller.

Silicone non-slip design

Our gamepad has two triggers on the top, the mechanical button is made of conductive silicone and zinc alloy, which will not trigger delay. The whole body of the pen is made of high quality durable and lightweight ABS material. Upgraded version of trigger with built-in pan pad and metal buttons, non-slip silicone pad, in the process of playing, will not hurt the phone due to over-squeeze. Locks in sensitivity without delay!

Four finger control

The two separate shooting clips are light and convenient, can be firmly fixed on the mobile phone, to best help micro-ops that easily neglect manual operation. They allow you to shoot from both sides at the same time when switching angles.

  • Step 1: Click on "Settings" in the menu 
  • Step 2: Click on "Operation Settings" and open the "User Defined Panel"
  • Step 3: Move "Shooting" and "Aim" to the correct position
  • Step 4: Install the device to the phone
  • Step 5: before playing, lock the phone screen for 3 seconds, then unlock the phone screen for the activated trigger
  • Step 6: Enter the battlefield test simulation

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